Withering October is a studio project based in Stavanger, Norway. The project started to take form in 2008, and sped up the activity around 2011. After countless demos, trial and error and a lot of hard work in the midst of studies, we finally finalized the the debut EP Forever Frost.

Forever Frost was released October 1st 2012. It has 7 songs, a total runtime of 41 minutes and offers massive, atmospheric soundscapes in a mix of gothic rock, metal, pop, power ballads and acoustic elements. We have poured our hearts and souls into it, and hope that it strikes a chord with you too.

After finishing the EP, the familiar and profoundly empty feeling you get after you finish a series of good books or tv-shows – or an album – took root and put the project on pause for a while. In the mean time, several other musical ideas in the pop-rock genre started to grow in Arnstein’s mind. This resulted in the release of the two singles The Game (2013) and Dance in the Fire (2014).

Having laid dormant in the back of our minds for a long time, the musical ideas of Withering October started to awaken again in 2014. Writing new material, as well as finishing up old-new material has been going on ever since. Finally, the follow-up album/EP, Lost, was released in September 2016. It continues blending the traditional gothic rock/metal genre and mood with a modern approach with catchy melodies and lyrics. The EP also includes a cover of and new take on the masterpiece “One Last Goodbye” on the album “Judgement” by Anathema.

Withering October was conceived in Norway, and consists of members Arnstein Waldeland (instruments, vocals, arrangement, mixing) and Elise Løvereide (vocals).

Stay tuned, cheers!